Elevator Speech

Coshx is an experienced technology partner for businesses needing custom UI/UX design, application development, cloud engineering, staff mentoring, and strategic technology consulting. Our goal is to help blend technology and business. We believe in helping the two work together through close collaboration and clear communication that extends beyond the development cycle. We genuinely value client happiness and product success. Our team members have diverse talents and roles, and all of our engineers are trained to be lead developers that can see the big picture and guide a project where it needs to go. In doing so, we are able to build better businesses through our code and make our clients’ lives easier.


Brand Attributes

The principal role of a logo is to identify, and simplicity is its means… Its effectiveness depends on distinctiveness, visibility, adaptability, memorability, universality, and timelessness. To help figure out core values that need to be reflected in branding, I did an exercise with attributes.


Exploring Ideas

After sketching many ideas, I finally found a few promising directions. Next, I spent time exploring a few selected symbols, testing them to make sure the final decision was justified.


During research Option 1 was discarded. The reason was that a similar mark already exists and was created for a company named Contract Introductions Inc. in 1963. It seems like the company does not exist anymore but I did not want to take any risks.

Option 6 was also discarded after some usage (print, web, walls) because it felt really sharp and sterile. The abstract notion of the letter X did not feel right and it did not work well with defined brand attributes.

I continued with the others...


Started using the logo shapes and putting them on walls to see how they interact with reality and its surroundings. Option 2 and 4 were interesting and I still really like them.

Option 2 looked well and balanced but had a very dull rhythm and was fairly uneventful thus I decided not to pursue it anymore. Option 4 was totally abstract. It had the X inside a circle and worked well as a symbol but it also felt really corporate even though I tried to tone that down with the font type. Option 4 was also a total opposite of all previous coshx logos.


After exploring the negative space and how they function when logos are huge or really small there were some issues and based on my previous comments I discarded these two options. 


The idea behind Option 3 was to tie attributes of math, happiness, connectivity, success, exploration, technology and infinite possibilities.

The coshx (x) curve was incorporated into negative space. It feels nice, it acts nice and it’s really simple. Looks well on paper, on walls and works with almost any color but it did not fell coshx enough. 


The Chosen One

After all testing and following the documents that were written by the team, I made an important decision to evolve the direction with a simple logo symbol that is familiar and close to the previous coshx logo iterations but also full of potential.

The name was changed from coshxlabs to coshx thus I tried not just to simplify the name but the symbol also.


Simplicity sells. Remove the border, remove the arrows, remove the vertical line, keep the basics, stay familiar and play with the shape.

Now let’s apply attributes!

Human smile is an upwards curve. Being happy forms an upwards curve. When someone reaches a goal or is successful he celebrates with his hands up which again form a curve. Explore means going through stages of a full circle. If you split the circle you get a curve. Build because we have a great foundation of knowledge and experience which creates a brick holding the curve. Math because it’s an obvious connection with the name and because we are “math smarts” dealing with difficult things others won't and creating simple solutions. Design because it’s all vectors and they all create curves. Code because brackets are curves. Growth because we help clients reach success.


Color Palette Exploration