👋 I'm Edi.

I believe in the power of elegant minimalism in a world increasingly saturated with garish color.

If you're considering someone to help improve the UI / UX of anything you're working on - if you're able to work on it with Edi on your team, do so. You'll be happy you did, and so will your users.
Edi is a fantastic designer and a tremendous thoughtful person. Always curious, he will try to get a perfect picture of a new project and will do his best to understand our final customers.
Edi consistently produced elegant designs that our clients loved. He was not afraid to advocate for the user, and we ended up creating much better user experiences as a result.
He'll work tirelessly through several iterations until he finds the design that conveys the concept in the simplest way.
Edi is an extremely talented UI/UX designer with pixel-perfect attention to detail. On every occasion, clients were always blown away with the work he would produce.
Among other qualities, his unique ability to mix an intuitive sense of design with critical thinking enabled us to create lean, beautiful, & functional user experiences for our customers. His attention to detail and his relentless pursuit of quality make Edi one of the best designers I have had the chance to work with.​

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