Currently, I am spearheading a comprehensive redesign, infusing simplicity into every aspect of the interface. Explore the full case study to discover the transformative journey behind TicketingHub's evolution.

  • Enhancing reporting for clearer analytics.
  • Building a design system for uniformity across tools.
  • New availability calendar for easy scheduling.
  • Streamlining bookings, and orders for efficiency.
  • Designing a widget for simple booking and ticketing.
  • Designing a POS application for quick on-site sales.

Your project?

If you're keen to collaborate and create something special, I'd love to hear from you.


In my role at Demyst, I rejuvenated the web presence, designed marketing materials, and infused graphics and illustrations with fresh vitality. Additionally, I established a robust design system, paving the way for evolution from a singular infrastructure to a globally distributed platform.


In 2019, I dove into the clinical trials industry, tasked with transforming how professionals work by replacing Excel's inefficiencies with a user-centric solution. This project was a deep dive into understanding and innovating within a complex field.